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Use of Seat Belt

Seat belts are provided for the safety of drivers and passengers in all vehicles. It is mandatory for all employees to put on seat belts at all times while on company business. It is our policy that:


To ensure compliance with this policy/directive, all drivers should prior to take off have their seat belts fastened at all times and remind their passengers to do same by announcing: ‘fasten your seat belts Please’.

The security officers at both the site and company premises gates should carry out visual inspections of any company or other vehicles entering or leaving the premises to ensure all occupants comply with this directive.

The security officers should stop any vehicle from leaving or entering the premises until all occupants of the vehicle have complied with this directive.

While in the premises or work sites, it is the responsibility of the safety officer, foreman, supervisor and indeed any member of line management present to monitor and ensure that every one in company owned vehicles fastens his/her seat belts. Appropriate disciplinary action would be taken against any staff that violates this policy/directive.