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House Keeping Policy

Unitop Catering Services Limited – subsidiary of Unitop Services Limited, prioritizes housekeeping as an integral part of our Safety, Health, and Environmental Management system. Here are our key housekeeping rules:


  1. Keep work areas and storage facilities clean and organized.
  2. Ensure clear pathways and unobstructed access to exits.
  3. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  4. Properly store supplies and materials, avoiding clutter.
  5. Report defects and hazards promptly.
  6. Return tools and equipment to their designated places.
  7. Minimize tripping hazards and obstructions.
  8. Clean up spills immediately and mark the area if necessary.
  9. Dispose of waste properly and follow fire safety protocols.
  10. Store flammable materials away from sensitive areas.
  11. Follow safety procedures for equipment maintenance.
  12. Observe and comply with safety signs and warnings

By following these housekeeping guidelines, we maintain a safe and organized work environment, reducing risks and promoting efficiency.