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Equipment Policy


Unitop Services Limited and its subsidiaries recognize the importance of equipment reliability and have implemented equipment policies to ensure optimal performance and safety.

All equipment across Unitop Services Limited and its subsidiaries undergoes regular maintenance to minimize downtime and prevent incidents. Unserviceable equipment is promptly locked out and tagged out (LOTO) to ensure it is not used until repairs are completed. Routine maintenance and minor repairs are conducted on-site, while major repairs are performed at the base. Additionally, annual turnaround maintenance is planned to ensure all equipment is in serviceable condition for seamless operations.

Equipment operators within Unitop Services Limited are required to report any observed breakdowns or faults immediately. Late reporting of faults is taken seriously and may result in appropriate measures being taken. Toolbox meetings are conducted to discuss planned maintenance activities, ensuring proper coordination and adherence to safety procedures.

The maintenance crew consists of trained and experienced personnel authorized to carry out equipment maintenance. They strictly adhere to the company's safety maintenance procedures, and regular briefings are conducted to keep them updated.

The responsibility for implementing the maintenance policy lies with the Maintenance Engineer, who reports to the Base/Facilities Manager or Project Manager across Unitop Services Limited and its subsidiaries.