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Unitop Group

Our Policies

Equipment Maintenance

All equipment will be regularly maintained.  All unserviceable equipment shall be Locked Out and Tagged Out (LOTO).

The objective of such routine preventive maintenance is to reduce equipment downtime and lost time incidents resulting from lack of maintenance culture. Routine maintenance and minor repairs shall be undertaken at the work site while serious maintenance of completely broken down equipment shall be down at the base. Turn around maintenance shall be planned and executed once a year.  The aim being to put all equipment in serviceable order for hitch free operation/use. It is mandatory that equipment operators report immediately any break down or faults observed in their equipment.  Late reportage of faults shall be met with appropriate reprisals.

Toolbox meetings on proposed equipment maintenance MUST precede the maintenance work planned for each day. All maintenance crew must be trained and only experienced personnel shall be job place and authorized to carry out maintenance of company equipments.

All maintenance work shall be carried out in accordance with the Company’s safety maintenance procedures.  The maintenance crew must be briefed before each maintenance episode.

The implementation of the maintenance policy shall be the responsibility of the maintenance Engineer, who would report to the Base/Facilities Manager/Project Manager.