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Environmental Policy

The policy in UNITOP group concerning immediate environment is to impact on it AS LOW AS REASONABLY PRACTICABLE (ALARP), so as to achieve a sustainable development in its entire ramification. Implications of our policy are:

♦ UNITOP plans and handles all her activities in such a way that her operations will not jeopardize natural resources.

♦ UNITOP cares, and prepares Environmental Management Plan (EMP), integrate EMP into project life cycle and will adopt good housekeeping before, during and after our project.

♦ UNITOP operates in all projects so as to reduce:
    * Ozone layer depletion.
    * Global warming.
    * Occupational/General health problems.
    * Contamination of surface/underground water.
    * Flooding and erosion.
    * Destruction of aquatic life.
    * Filtration of water bodies.