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Corporate HSE Policy

It is the policy of UNITOP to execute projects and operations in such a way that the safety of its employee and that of others who may be affected are safeguarded. To ensure this, our HSE Department shall ensure a continuous identification of all hazards, put in measures to effect their controls, and develop procedures that will ensure the minimization of all these hazards.

Emphasis is laid on accident prevention, personal responsibilities and cost effectiveness. We recognize our responsibility as to provide a healthful working condition for our employees, to this end, every health hazards will also be identified, monitored and controlled. All workers shall be certified fit, medically, mentally and physically before employment and annual medical test will be carried out always. Every employee is expected to collaborate with the management to create a safe working environment in the company.

We are fully committed to maintain excellent rapport with all communities where our operations are based. To this end we shall have community liaison officers who shall be a contact point between the community and our public affairs department.

We shall also provide adequate security measures to all employees while on company duties, and protect all facilities while at the same time increase their awareness on security matters. Complete cooperation with this vital program is expected of everyone. Disregard to this objective will not be tolerated and will be regarded as gross misconduct.